KHS Graphics Arts Places 1st

KHS Graphics Arts Places 1st in Nationals
The Phoenix Challenge is a volunteer group of the Flexography Industry (called flexo for short) that was instrumental in getting Flexography going in the Graphic Arts Department of Knox Community Schools. Through them, all equipment and materials were donated and delivered at no cost to the school system.

Each year, the Phoenix Challenge has a competition for high school students in Charlotte, North Carolina at almost no cost to the students. The Phoenix Challenge organization will arrange and pay to fly 4 students and a teacher to Charlotte, North Carolina. They also provide room and board for the teams. For the Phoenix Challenge group, it showcases to the professionals providing funds and materials to the schools, how it is being used and thus is money well spent (and hopefully stimulate more industry support).

Students Jarod VanDrunen, Scott Norris, Jane Trosper, and Arryana Posey competed this year from March 20 - 22. Jane Trosper and Arryana Posey placed 1st and earned a $1,000 scholorship. Jarod VanDrunen and Scott Norris took home 5th out of 17 teams. All four students earned their FTA National Certification which is the same certification that industry professionals strive for.
Image of graphics studentsImage of graphics studentsImage of graphics studentsImage of graphics students