School Board

Knox Community Schools Believe:
  • All students can and will learn.
  • All students will receive a quality education that challenges them to reach their maximum potential.
  • The curriculum will be comprehensive, rigorous, and relevant for all students.
  • All personnel will promote a vision of high academic achievement.
  • All personnel will be persons of integrity.
  • Effective public relations promote collaboration, accessibility, trustworthiness, and respect between our school and the community.
  • Resources are utilized to create a safe and productive learning and working environment that strenghtens our school community.
  • School facilities are maintained to promote a clean, safe, and efficient learning environment.
  • Technology will be utilized to increase student achievement, enrich curriculum, and prepare students for the future.
  • ECA's reinforce lessons learned in the classroom and enhance the educational experiences of our students and create a focus of community pride.

KCSC Goals/Objectives

The Board of Trustees of the Knox Community School Corporation has established the following goals and objectives:
  • Develop a facilities maintenance plan - (upkeep, replacement, new construction, etc.)
  • Achieve an "A" ranking by school.
    • Secondary Education - Incorporate a comprehensive alternative education program for struggling students.
    • Develop and implement an aligned curriculum.
    • Incorporate a professional development and evaluation process geared to support student-based services and classroom achievement.
  • Develop and implement a corporation marketing plan.