Knox Homecoming 2019

The tradition of homecoming started back in the 19th century as way to encourage attendance to games and renew excitement in team rivalry. The name “Homecoming” came about when Athletic Director, Chester Brewer, of the Missouri Tigers, invited all alumni to “come home” for the game in 1911. The celebration included: a parade and spirit rally with a bonfire as well as the rivalry football game.

Traditions soon start to follow to increase school spirit. Homecoming court is a representation of a group of students nominated by fellow classmates. The King and Queen (usually seniors) are then voted on by the entire student body.

Many celebrations include a parade. The parade usually includes the school’s marching band, Homecoming Court, various school organizations (clubs, sports teams, etc.), and some even create floats. Every graduating class usually decorates a float, which is then voted on by class sponsors.

Tailgating is a tradition of Homecoming. Alumni gather with current students and reconnect and take part in the festivities. Students, alumni, staff, and community all take part in the parking lots outside of the field. They cook food, play games, socialize, and enjoy live music.

Pep Rallies are always a must. Events vary but most include: little skits, games, and introduction of the Homecoming Court, and comments from either the coach or players about the upcoming game.  The purpose is to get energy high, school spirit up, and town wide support.

Many schools are incorporating Dress-Up Days now. Schools will pick a theme either for the week leading up to the game or a theme for every day. This is usually called “Spirit Week”.

Schools will also have students compete by grade level in events during “Spirit Week”. Many competitions are: “Iron Man” where the male students play volleyball and coached by the female volleyball players, “Powder Puff” is when the female students compete by grade level playing football and coached by male football players, float decorating, and best dressed during “Spirit Week”.

Knox Community School Corporation just held Homecoming on September 20, 2019. The school corporation upheld many Homecoming traditions.

Homecoming Court


 Storm Ratzlaff & Jaigan Allport                    Joie Grenner (Queen) & Juan Romero

Jasmine Kidder & Ethan Tyler (King)


Madison Eberhart & Jacob Keen                 Kennedy Holst & Gunnar Wagner


 Megan Bolen & Matt King                            Alaina Lindbergh & Colin Bottorff


Jaelynn Goins & Shane VanAsdall               Breanna Ringer & Dominick Lovins



Powder Puff – female students from each grade level (9-12) volunteered and competed in the Powder Puff challenge. Current Football players coached the participants. The Junior class (2021) came out the champions.

Iron Man – male students get the opportunity to play and show some skill during the Iron Man challenge.  Current Volleyball players coached the participants.


Dodgeball Tournament – Middle Schoo


Spirit Week


Monday – Animal Print

Tuesday – Cowboy or Cowgirl Up

Wednesday – Crazy Hair Day

Thursday – Pajama Day

Friday – Red Out (where as much red as you can!)


Middle & High Schools

Monday – Beach Day

Tuesday – Pajama Day

Wednesday – Travel Day

Thursday – Twin Day

Friday – Red and White Day

Knox Community High School’s football team competed against John Glenn Eagles and ended the week with a big "W"!!